“What Would Tina and Amy Do?” A New Play

Best friends and recent college grads, Tinley and Annie, are struggling to navigate the real world. As their careers and love lives don’t turn out quite the way they had hoped, the two friends turn to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for inspiration. Goofy and heartfelt, WWTAAD is about love, friendship, and taking control of your life.

75 Minutes | Recommended for kids ages 13 & up

FR 7/11 6:00 PM | SU 7/13 6:30PM | WE 7/16 9:45 PM | TH 7/17 8:15 PM | ST 7/19 2:45 PM


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DC Metro Theatre Arts by Anne Tsang

I enjoyed the show, I thought Kruesi made the slightly ditzy Tinley very believable and Carlton as the more level-headed Annie was perfect. 

DC Theater Scene by Leila Hernandez

… the actors have genuine chemistry and are truly believable as best friends. They are immediately likeable and full of energy.

The Washington Post  by Nelson Pressley

The upside is the acting. Kruesi and Carlton are bubbly and loose; they don’t push the material, and where the script allows laughs, the actors find them. Their rapport is winning.



A SeeSaw Theater Production



Annie (Catie Carlton) and Tinley (Larissa Kruessi) discussing life


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FORT FRINGE - The Bedroom

FORT FRINGE – The Bedroom

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