The Dinner – WINNER: “Best Actress”

Short Film Dramedy

The film takes place over the course of one night as a group of friends get together for a dinner in the upper class suburbs of Washington, DC.

Set of The Dinner Short Dramedy

Outwardly appearances can be deceiving as we slowly watch the dynamics of these supposed friends twist and turn for the worst.  Backstabbing, betrayal, and cowardly lies weave their way through this narrative showing us even your best friends can be your biggest enemies.

Inspired by Hitchcock classics the story has a sinister undertone as we slowly allude to a lurking and deadly secret that will be exposed by the film’s conclusion.

Best Actress

*Winner “Best Actress” in the Short Film/DMV category at the World Music & Independent Film Festival 2015

Best Actress 2015 WMIF


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