“Anniversary Celebration” student film

Renee is dreading this family dinner, to celebrate their parent’s anniversary, at her perfect sister’s house to. Luckily, she has her sidekick, Daniel, to keep her head from exploding. As soon as they step into Layla’s house, Renee is bombarded with questions, criticism, and chores. Once the parents arrive and dinner begins, so do the interrogations. Layla lays onto Renee about how she’s “just an artist” and needs to grow up and make a real living, all the while bragging about her recent promotion and salary increase. Little does her family know, Renee and Daniel have a little surprise of their own – they’re engaged! Big sis certainly didn’t see that one coming. After a bit of consoling from little sis, Renee and Layla finally agree that although they’re on different paths, they are both progressing in their own ways and should be happy for each other.

This project was filmed and produced by Stevenson University under the direction of Candace Lowery and a fantastic crew of aspiring film making students.


Take 2 Catie Carlton renee_1

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