“Step Up” – Lead Actress

Lance Corporal Kate Benson is just excited for a night out with friends and away from the barracks. She’s not a huge party girl, but enjoys socializing and a drink or two. At a party, Kate gets to know a fellow Marine and the two seem to hit it off pretty well. However, it isn’t long until Ryan starts to make moves that Kate isn’t quite “on board” with. Soon enough, the situation is out of Kate’s control and the night spirals downhill from there. But, could Kate’s fellow Marines have done something to prevent this life-altering night? They all had the chance to “Step Up”.

The content of this video was filmed and produced by Metro Productions based out of Richmond, VA. The USMC used the full 22 minute video as a segment in their Sexual Assault Prevention training program geared toward making Jr. Marines aware of the issue of sexual assault in the Military and ways that it can be prevented.

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