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Through OneOnOne in New York City, I was given the opportunity to audition for Kathleen Turner’s Summer Master Class 2015. A few days later I got word that she had hand-selected me to be one of 14 others in the class – what an honor!

FORMAT (according to OneOnOne)
You will work with Kathleen on a number of audition techniques including monologues and Film/TV sides. In class, Kathleen will generously work with you, giving you feedback and adjustments to your scenes and monologues. Please bring a monologue of your choice to work on for the first class. Kathleen would like this to be a CONTRASTING monologue to the one that you auditioned with.

We worked with Kathleen on monologues of our choice. She had a choose monologues that contracted the one that we auditioned with.

Kathleen provided us sides based on working with us the previous day and seeing our monologue work.

Kathleen assigned us monologues that she knew would challenge us and be out of our comfort zone…boy was she right!

Kathleen brought in a young cinematographer to teach us how to work with the angle of the camera in order to best flatter ourselves and our scene partners.

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