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“Evil Kin”: Highway to Hell

First aired: August 3, 2015 at 9:00pm

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Sherri Martin was a Jesus loving, all-American, teenager living in middle America in the early 1970s. While working a late shift at her local donut shop, Sherri is ambushed by two men who kidnap, rape and kill her. She is the first victim in a string of rape and murders suspected to be committed by Sherman McCrary and Carl Taylor, who later became famous for being some of the first known serial killers in America.

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“Hell House” Season 1, Episode 1: (title tba)

First aired: (expected Spring 2015)

Robin Rouse was the “perfectionist” 16 year old middle child of a wealthy Illinois family in the late 1970s. When her parents are brutally murdered in their home late one night, Robin claims to have no idea who is to blame. She later confesses to knowing that “it was definitely one of her brothers”, and plans to tell the police which one when she is suspiciously killed in a car accident on her way to the Police Station.

This isn’t the only strange and haunting occurrence to happen in this home…


Catie is no stranger to playing the all-American, girl-next-door, straight-A teenage dream type. She’s willing to play that role for as long as her young face will let her!


“Deadly Affairs” Season  3, Episode 10: Runaway Murder

First aired: October 11, 2014

Principal character, Brenda Spicer, is a basketball superstar at a University in Louisiana. When her best friend’s boyfriend starts to suspect the two of being more than “just friends”, he decides to take care of the situation himself.

The crimes of Ivrin Bolden, convicted in 1988 for the murder of Brenda Spicer, are chronicled.

Seen on the Discovery Channel’s Investigation Discovery network.


“Forbidden” Season 1, Episode 9: Prince of Darkness

First aired: October 10, 2013

Featured extra in re-enactment docudrama of everyday men and women who get a taste of the good life, and then go bad.

The crimes of Kaushal Niroula, who was convicted of murder and conspiracy in a 2008 killing in Palm Springs, are chronicled.

Seen on the Discovery Channel’s Investigation Discovery network.

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