What Would Tina and Amy Do?

Besties, boyfriends, and badass b*tches. What Would Tina and Amy Do?, a play about twenty-something female best friends figuring out life, finally makes its NYC debut after a successful run back in 2014 at the DC Capital Fringe Festival. The play, written by Larissa Kruesi, has gone through major renovations and is now more modernized […]

Royce Rolls

First, check out the hilarious full trailer here on EW. Porsche Royce (Catie Carlton) is the oldest sibling in the “Kardashian-esk” Royce family. Their lives are portrayed on a reality TV show and Porsche loves it. Her little sister Bentley, however, is not so much a fan. This fiction novel written by NY Times Best-Selling […]

Investigation Discovery Channel

Standing positive relationship with Sirens Media has lead to some consistent work on the ID Channel. Catie often finds herself cast as the All-American teenager type, which she has no problem playing!

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